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General Carpet Care

You've picked your new carpet and it's now been installed. What is the best way to look after it?

General Mainenance:
1. Vacuum Regularly. You should aim for atleast 2-3 times a week.
2. Invest in a good quality door mat to reduce entering your home. Ideally dark coloured carpets should be used in areas which are likely to become heavily soiled, for example entrances to the house from outside. Some people prefer to use a good quality vinyl or LVT / Laminate in these areas to reduce debris entering their homes.
3. Remove shoes at the door to avoid bringing unneccesary dirt in to your home.

How to Vacuum according to your carpet type:
Cut pile:
Vacuum with an upright vacuum , using a beater brush to loosen and lift dust and debris. a cylinder vacuum is also effective.

Soft Deep Pile: An upright vacuum with either an adjustable height or suction adjust works best for this type of carpet.

Loop Pile: In general, avoid using beater brushes or brush attachments on these carpets as they will weaken the fibres and potentially cause the fibres to break, creating a felted or bobbly appearance.

Removing Stains :

Accidents happen! Polypropylene carpets are exceptional for cleaning, but it is important to follow some guidelines should your carpet be soiled. Wool carpets require different care from synthetic. Please refer to wool care guidelines if your carpet is not synthetic.

  • Attend to the spillage / stain straight away. Don't allow them to dry in.

  • Remove as much debris as possible using a spoon / spatula.

  • Use a clean cloth or kitchen towel to blot up the majority of the liquid from the spill.

  • Try not to scrub vigorously or over saturate the stain.

  • Work from the outside of the spillage inwards to avoid spreading it further.

  • For polypropylene carpets, a solution of 1 part bleach to 10 parts water can be used. Please do not use this solution on wool. Further information can be found on the manufacturers websites.

  • If stains persist, please contact a professional cleaner.

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