So, you’ve found your ideal new flooring, but what do you do with your old carpet?

Recycle it
We can uplift your old carpet, which we then take for recycling, however, there are a few other options you may wish to consider:

Sell it

If your carpet is in good condition, what about trying to sell it! You can advertise in the local papers, community noticeboards, Ebay (though make sure you specify it is for local collection only!) and Gumtree has a free classifieds section.

Donate it
Local charities may be able to take it off your hands, if it is in good condition. Furniture Reuse Network are often keen to take items in and will often collect from you: Castle Project in Cupar , FEAT Enterprises, Markinch and Furniture Plus are three Fife-based charities which may be able to help. Visit FRN to find out contact details for local charities operating in your area.

School or jumble sales are also an option. There are also a number of furniture re-use groups that will collect any clean unwanted carpets, as long as they are in a good condition. You can find contact details of local charity shops here.

Reuse it

Gardener's know that carpets make great mulch and frost protection! Contact your local gardening group to see if they will take it off your hands.